E-bikes rental

NOUVEAU : Partez à la découverte de la Vallée du Petit Morin en vélo électrique !


E-bikes ? What to do, exactly ?

Everyone (or almost everyone) knows the pleasure of the caress of the wind on his cheek, the tears that go up to his eyes in the descents, but also the big sweats when it comes to going up the coast that leads to the famous gazebo so praised by aunty.

Yes, but here it is. The electric bike is the vertigo of the descents without the uneasiness of the climbs. It’s quite simple: once you have to make an effort, the engine takes over, and you can ride the long ones Indurain-style on the famous “Côte du petit Morin”!

More seriously, this new mode of travel, 100% green, allows you to enjoy great strolls along the countryside without too much effort.


But are there really any nice strolls to do around here?

If you do not yet know the Petit Morin valley, let us say that it has everything from a successful cross between La Comté (Tolkien) and some Scottish landscapes. Verdant, hilly, hidden, the Petit Morin valley offers remarkable perspectives and relief, all in a natural area that is jealously protected, where respect for the building and the maintenance of know-how are combined.

Along secure routes marked out in the form of loops with more or less flat reliefs, you will discover the most beautiful landscapes, enjoy the best local products, meet the most talented artisans.

So, what are you waiting for?

How much does it cost ?

Watch out : it’s nothing about renting al-rusty oldy bikes here ! The bikes we propose are the next grade !

Here are the prices : 

 “piste verte” stroll  La Ferté Gaucher – Vélorail – La Ferté Gaucher”, €9 per bike for an around 1h30 stroll (12km)

“piste bleue” stroll , much more sporty, La Ferté Gaucher – Vélorail – Saint Martin des Champs – La Ferté Gaucher, €14 per bike for an around 2h30 stroll (22km)

2h rental : €15 per bike

half-a-day rental : €25 per bike

whole day rental : €40 per bike

2 days or week-end rental : €65 per bike

Options : 

  • Comfort saddle (€2)
  • Child-carriage (€5)
  • Delivery (within 20km around Ferté Gaucher or Provins) : €30 starting 2 bikes

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