Railbike only

Enjoy the railbike, without any package or option, pure and simple.

Here comes the Railbike, as simple as that.


What does the journey look like?

Embark for an all personalized experience!

There are 3 ways to get to the Railbike Departure Station:

  • Rather gentle : Get to the La Ferté Gaucher Tourist Office, and hop into the toursitic train (free with your railbike tickets, limited availability)
  • Rather sporty : Get to the Aérosphalte Motorsports Leisure Park and hop on your All Terrain Ebike for a one-hour stroll across fields and forest (+€10 per person)
  • Rather practical : Get directly to the Railbike Departure Station, using your own vehicle (limited to 5 cars – be sure to get to the station 30mn after the announced starting time)

What can I get whih my ticket?

You have to get all the way in form the station to the railway terminus, and the way back. Your ticket gives you access to the railbike, and to the transportation of your choice (toursitic train or your own vehicle) towards the Railbike Departure Station.

At the end of the first course (45mn or so), a one-hour break is set up.During this hour, you would access these services:

  • snack office
  • hot and cold meals and drinks
  • dry toilets (disabled-compliant)

How much does it cost?

One cannot book a one-place ticket. As the railbike needs at least 2 people to operate it, you would need to book a full raibike : which means you would better come with your friends !

The base price for a railbike is €38 on week days, €45 on week-ends, french holidays, and summer holidays (from €8 to €9 per person).

Special discounts and offers are applied to families and groups mostly, or can happen at specific dates.

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