Snack on the spot

Vous n'avez rien amené à manger ? Pas de panique, on a ce qu'il faut !

Vous n’avez rien prévu pour manger ?
Pas de panique, on s’occupe de tout !

What’s your snack offer?

You must go and return by railbike.

At the end of the first trip (about 45 minutes), you are invited for a moment of relaxation, and to enjoy a small hour of welcome break before leaving.

Our snack point offers you a variety of local products to help you survive on site:

  • Water (50cl)
  • Apple or pear juice  (33cl)
  • Local Beers
  • Local Chips
  • Fresh bread according to availability
  • Delicatessen (rillettes, pies, local and/or organic)
  • Sausages
  • Local Ice-creams

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