Typical french “Apéritif”

The best package when summer evenings come!

What does the journey look like?

Embark for an all personalized experience!

There are 3 ways to get to the Railbike Departure Station:

  • Rather gentle : Get to the La Ferté Gaucher Tourist Office, and hop into the toursitic train (free with your railbike tickets, limited availability)
  • Rather sporty : Get to the La Ferté Gaucher Tourist Office and hop on your All Terrain Ebike for a 30 minutes to one-hour stroll across fields and forest (starting 9€ by person)
  • Rather practical : Get directly to the Railbike Departure Station, using your own vehicle (limited to 5 cars – be sure to get to the station 30mn after the regular appointment).

What’s this “Typical French Apéritif” thing?

You have to paddle all the way in towards the railway terminus.

After this first rush, enjoy a cocktail under our typical “briarde” architectured hall, have a taste of locally made “petits fours” and apetizers, and take some time to appreciate a nice swing-jazzy musical background.

Lay on, and enjoy the late-day sunrays with your friends !

There are 3 formulas available :

  • Local snack and finger food on the spot (no booking required, but stock depending on our suppliers)
  • On reservation only :
    • Apéritif ” terroir ” (depending on the season : french cheese, delicatessen, french bread, 33cl local apple juice, 50cl water bottle per person, 33cl local beer) €9
    • “Ardoise fertoise” (depending on the season : more types of local cheeses, more delicatessen, more french bread, 33cl local apple juice, 50cl water bottle per person, 33cl local beer) €14

How much does it cost?

The price for this amazing feature is starting at €9 per person only. For this price, get to taste the best Paris Region worldwide-reknown “terroir’ has to offer : “terrines”, “petits fours”, various fresh and hot apetizers, fresh drinks of various sorts, local cheeses.

If you donnot whish to take this offer, feel free to have a meal at our small-snack cabin : you might be a bit sorry to miss that, though!

2 railbikes (10 people) and 10 “apéros terroir” = €16 per person for 3 hours of entertainment.

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