What’s the Railbike ?

Rail + Bike = Railbike !

Railbike? Whaaaat?

The railbike is a vehicule born form the idea of “bike on rails”.

To be precise, try to figure a paddie-boat on rails 🙂

You will journey on an a part of the railway joining Paris to Sezanne (around 7km), that was closed in the early 20th century.

But, what shall we do exactly ?

Well, as you’re on a railbike, you are supposed to paddle, obviously 😉 You shall also enjoy the scenery, the landscapes, and many land-art styled artworks that were made specifically for you to admire.

As it’s an outdoor adventure, you might take time to observe, listen, and with any luck even see animals and plants that you aren’t accostumed to encounter anywhere else.

It’s a rather straight-forward circuit, without any difficulty.

So we are supposed to paddle, that’s all ?

Our team makes everything possible so you get a satisfying journey. You shall enjoy nature-awareness animations, kids can play to our Rallye-Nature, you can have a meal delivered, get one of our tailor-made formulas, or even have some fun during our night-events.

Who can participate ?

The railbike is a family-oriented activity; it is open to everyone between 0 to 125 YO 😉

We advise our customers to be at least 2 per railbike. There is, of course, an electric motor that makes all things go smoothly, yet the one paddling on the way in isn’t always the one whishing to paddle on the way back… And to be honest, the more they come, the more there’s fun !

Kids can paddle of course, yet they need to be at least 1.30m tall, or they sould not touch the pedals !

Important :

  • kids who are less than 18yo shall not go on a railbike alone – an adult has to accompany them.
  • babys are counted as a person, regarding to the legislation. So if you are a 5 family willing to come with another baby, you would have to rent 2 railbikes.

And how much does it cost?

The base price for a railbike is €38 on week days, €45 on week-ends and holidays (from €8 to €9 per person).

Special discounts and offers are applied to families and groups mostly, or can happen at specific dates.

Choose your package

Yo have to go all the way in, and all the way back, for starters.

Then, you get to choose, regarding which hour of departure is the one of your choice, within 3 packages :

  • The first departure (11AM) gets you in with the early day lights and morning breeze. At the end of the first path, you’re invited to take a 1 hour break. There, treated like a guest, enjoy our meals offers, all done with our terroir productions, at an affordable price.
  • The second departure (2PM) is the more family-oriented one. Done with the first rush to the terminus, the break is the scene to a great Teatime snack. On the menu : hot and fresh drinks, french bread, sugar treats… All make it for great moment to share !
  • The third departure (5PM) turns the break into a typical french apĂ©ritif : musical background, “kir briard” (cider with poppy syrup), appetizers… Enough to give you strengh for the next travel !
  • Last deaprture at night (8PM) On special dates only (1 saturday night every 2 weeks from june to august), you’re invited to enjoy our nightly events : get on your railbike at dust, enjoy a “local taste” seated lunch (starters, main course, dessert, soft drinks) and get back at night, equipped with your frontal-light !

Are there any special offers or discounts ?

The railbike’s base rental price is fixed, but tends to get lower considering the amount you plan to book. The more you come, the less you pay !

Don’t waste any time : book your Ferra Botanica tickets now!

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